Here are the floating Beach Glasses – perfect for your summer drinks

It is no secret that as the night progresses, wine glasses tend to get harder to hold. Maybe that’s why plastic wine glasses are a thing now? They have no breaking risk, and once they fall, your only concern is cleaning the spilled wine.

They might look quite ugly and contain lose harmful particles over time, so either risk having glass shards all over your floor, or risk your health in the long run. However, that might not be the case anymore.

Few things can match a chilled glass of wine during hot summer days.

White, red, or rosé, it doesn’t matter – because now there is a new invention that will save all our precious summer drinks.

Yes, there is no reason to waste good wine just because the glass slips out of our hands. “Is there an innovative solution to this problem?” You might ask yourself.

Well, everyone who has ever sacrificed alcohol to the greedy floor gods can now rest at ease. Because there is a way to keep it in the glass, regardless of whether you are on the beach, in a pool, or out in the sea.

Costs just under $12

A new viral trend seems to be picking up speed as we step into warmer weather. Several retailers have been restocking on their latest hot product: Beach Glasses.

According to the description, this product made with acrylic won’t break if dropped, can float on water, and you can even stake them out on the sand.

You won’t have to worry about the harmful industrial chemicals used to make plastic products.

beach glasses
Photo Source: Amazon

Custom Beach Glasses

This means that you can confidently sip on your wine this summer, no matter where you are—the beach, a pool, or even from the comfort of your bed, with the peace of mind that you won’t have to end the day cleaning up a mess made by shattered glass.

Still, maybe steer clear from expensive carpets, just in case.

These new floating wine glasses are here to save our summer!

Photo Source: Etsy

The beach glasses can be found on Amazon, but if you need something with a more custom-made feeling, you can look at the ones on Etsy.

And here is a more familiar version that you can use on flat surfaces as well.

wine glass for the summer
Photo Source: Amazon

They are large, durable, BPA free and dishwasher safe.

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