Having a warm bath is better than taking a long walk – according to science

Keeping your body in reasonable shape is a vital step towards living a long and happy life. Of course, only a few of us manage to stay in top condition and exercise daily, especially after getting a bit older.

But taking a light jog or a long walk around the block a few times a week is essential to keep up with all the challenges adult life has in store for us.

However, new research shows that we might burn as many calories by taking a warm bath, reports the BBC.

To take a walk or to take a bath – that is the question. At least if you ask Dr. Steve Faulkner from Loughborough University, who discovered we can replace traditional exercise with something more relaxing.

Burned up to 80% more calories

The study followed ten men who undertook two different tests.

In the first one, they were asked to bathe in 40-degree water for 60 minutes, then eat a light meal.

The second test involved an hour on a gym bike, followed by a light meal as well.

The participants’ values ​​were measured after both scenarios, which showed that they burned up to 80% more calories.

The participants didn’t burn as much from the bath as after cycling. But they still burned over 140 calories, which corresponds to a 30-minute walk.

The warm bath lowered blood sugar levels

The study also showed that participants’ blood sugar levels were lower after the warm bath compared to cycling, which might result in a breakthrough in diabetes treatment for people who have problems exercising.

“What we found was that peak glucose was actually quite a bit lower after the bath, compared with exercise, which was completely unexpected,” said Steve Faulkner to the BBC.

The volunteers’ post-meal glucose levels were, on average, 10% lower after the bath than after the exercise.

warm bath
Image source: Youtube

So it may not be time to throw your training clothes in the trash (yet), but you might be able to treat yourself to a nice bath sometimes instead of having to walk in the rain!

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