New product: Here’s the hug friendly and gigantic penis pillow

Few emotions are as satisfying as wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket with a cup of tea while surrounded by a mirage of soft pillows. Since it’s still a bit cold outside, pillows add the perfect balance of warmth.

If you want a big and lovely pillow to spoon with, you now have the chance to acquire a giant, cuddly penis pillow. Perfect for a lovely evening on the couch!

Sometimes, you just want a big pillow to cuddle with, and sometimes you are craving for a bit of penis. With this pillow, you can kill two birds with one stone.

A vast penis pillow

You can find this cozy pillow at Amazon. This cute and warm penis will keep you company no matter where you are.

penis pillow
Image: Partykungen

If you want to rest your head on it, it works great, and if you want something warm and cuddly to hold on to, this soft penis pillow has you covered.

On the site, they describe it as:

“This cute penis is a really powerful pillow representing an incomparable feeling of warmth and satisfaction. This penis measures an incredible 32″ long (not what he said), is made of polyester, and keeps you warm all night. The balls measure 12″, and the shaft showcases an imposing 10″ thickness.”

A size that won’t disappoint

Men are not always available and if you feel the need for a little extra coziness, just cough up the $34.99 for this extra soft penis pillow.

It comes in different colors, for all tastes.

On the site, a pleased customer wrote:

“I bought it as a gag gift for myself because I wanted to be able to tell my husband to suck my *ahem* and smack him with it. Works perfectly for that and is well worth the money simply for the laughs it has given us. But this guy is great for other things as well…I sleep with my knee propped up on him, and it’s actually sturdy enough to hold my leg up and helps with my back pain. It’s also a great neck roll pillow and a back pillow. So between less back pain, more comfy sleep, and smacking my husband with a giant penis…ABSOLUTELY worth every penny and a must-buy!!”


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