Now you can buy these soft silicone feet with a built-in vagina

Latex, silicone, big, small, etc. – our kinks and fetishes can vary as much as there are people on this planet.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with liking a little spice inside the bedroom, as long as no one gets hurt and it’s whitin the law.

In recent years, the sex toy industry has completely exploded. Today, there are toys and accessories for all kinds of needs.

No matter where your fetishes and turn-ons lie, there is something for everyone – even for those who want a foot-shaped fleshlight, reports The Mirror.

Whether you live in a relationship or you are single, you have sexual needs to take care of. If you have a partner, it is perhaps common to an active sexual life.

Still, if you live on your own, you have to – quite literally – take matters into your own hands.

Since we live in a society where sexuality is not considered taboo anymore (in most places), sex toys and accessories have been a big focus in new technologies.

This is because companies understand sex will always sell, as it is one of the human race’s basic instincts.

A foot – with a vagina inside

Today, we see the latest of a series of sex toys is aimed at those with a foot fetish – or feet lovers, as they usually call themselves.

The sex toy is a foot-shaped fleshlight, with the vagina’s entrance on top of the tibia.

silicone feet vagina
Image source: Silicone Wives

According to the manufacturer, the toy is made of silicone, and it should have a very realistic feel.

sex toy vagina
Image source: Silicone Wives

“Ultra-realistic sex experience”

The company Silicone Wives manufactures several types of sex toys and describes the foot-shaped artificial vagina as follows:

“The Realistic Silicone Feet with Vaginas are perfect for the feet lovers out there that still want a traditional sex toy experience. This product is hand-crafted with premium medical-grade silicone to provide an ultra-realistic sex experience. The feet are highly detailed to look and feel just like real feet.”

The feet are 9 inches long and cost $199.

It seems this economic (compared to other luxury products) price tag has made the foot vagina a success.

“The feet are perfect! The pictures on the website do not do them enough justice! I would definitely recommend these to anyone considering buying a pair!” wrote a happy customer.

silicone vagina feet
Image source: Silicone Wives

Would you buy a pair of these?

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