Summer is saved: Here's the inflatable luxury yacht

Summer is saved: Here’s the inflatable luxury yacht

Summer is knocking at the door, and before we know it, it’ll be time to jump in our trusty flip-flops and head to the beach. Once there, instead of feeling envious of all the people in a yacht, it might be time to finally have our own!

There is nothing like cold seawater to cool down our skin after hours of sunbathing on a boat. But since not all of us are rich enough to buy, let alone maintain a yacht, it usually remains a distant dream.

But now there is an actual solution – introducing an accessible boat alternative. It is inflatable, but it can do almost everything a yacht does, and costs a fraction instead, reports Viral Thread.

Feel like a Russian oil magnate

This is not some silly children’s toy, but something you can really use to experience the wonderful feeling of being at sea during the summer heat.

inflatable yacht 001
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However, we should clarify that it doesn’t really have an engine – you’ll have to solve that bit on your own.

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Inflatable yacht with plenty of room

However, this is an absolutely perfect solution for all of us who want to live a luxurious life. But don’t really have the money or time to invest in an actual yacht.

inflatable yacht 003
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The boat can accommodate up to six adults comfortably. You won’t have any problems getting in and out of it – and its 8 cup holders make the cozy lounge area the best place to enjoy an ice-cold drink in the sun.

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But wait, it gets better. The boat includes a cooler so that all drinks remain chilled even in the summer heat.

inflatable yacht 005
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Zero maintenance cost

Of course, the boat can be used in big pools as well. It is 20 feet long and weighs around 66lb when inflated.

This luxurious yet affordable yacht takes about 20 minutes to fill with air, which is significantly less time than it would take you to maintain an actual boat.

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The price? Between $216 and $270. Not that expensive, is it? I think it’ll be a worthy investment for a fun summer.

You can buy this new inflatable yacht on Amazon. If you can’t find it in stock, check Walmart or try a similar option.

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