This Wine Rack Bra Will Give You A Boozy Bust

During our time off, everything feels a little easier. Life revolves around getting as many hours of sun as possible while enjoying a glass of wine or two with friends and family.

However, you might feel a few judging looks if you are carrying around a box of wine or a bottle of champagne in each hand. It’s not easy to move all your precious liquid fun around without feeling the jealous stares of those who are no longer on vacation.

But worry not; the solution is finally here! Meet The Wine Rack, a bra that can have all the alcohol you need readily available wherever you are.

This sports bra has a built-in bag with enough room for an entire bottle of wine.

Is there anything better than sipping wine while enjoying the sun during a day off? Hardly!

Easy access drinking tube

Red, white, or Rosé, it doesn’t matter which one. It is hard to carry an entire bottle around without feeling judged in the middle of the day.

Even though it shouldn’t get to you, it does—perhaps people are jealous because you are still partying or they just conform to an old and stale society etiquette.

Either way, there is now a solution to all these problems. On Amazon, you can buy the brilliant invention “The WineRack.” Women’s best companion during the holidays.

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Not only can you turn a smaller cup into double Ds—while bringing your favorite drink with you everywhere. It’s also cheaper than breast augmentation—and much more fun!

Combine exercise and wine

This unique sports bra makes it possible to carry 25oz of wine inside with you at all times without anyone knowing. Perfect if you feel like a sip of wine during a workout or to avoid paying exorbitant prices at a bar.

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In addition to accommodating your favorite drink, this solution also gives you up to two sizes bigger cups, according to the site. It can not get more “win-win” than this. Or should I say “wine-wine”…?

The popular bra is available in sizes medium (34A-34D) and large (36A-36D). It has a detachable polyurethane bag adapted to fit inside the bra. The drinking tube that comes with it has an on/off valve, making it easy to control the flow.

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