New list: 11 people that absolutely regret their lip jobs

New list: 11 people that absolutely regret their lip jobs

We all have different thoughts and opinions about what is sexy or attractive. While admittedly who we are inside is the most important part, most of us make a first assessment of a person by looking at their outside appearance. It is a natural thing. We all want to look nice in case we meet a potential partner.

However, some take their image modification to another level. Using surgery, expensive products, and other procedures. The beauty industry has probably never been as profitable as nowadays – because some people spend thousands of dollars a year trying to improve their appearance.

Definitely not my cup of tea, but I won’t judge those that do it.

Here at The Laugh Club, we don’t only write about funny things. Sometimes we follow amazing or unique individuals and their lives. Therefore, is not our intention to mock or ridicule anyone. Everyone has the right to do exactly what they want with their lives and deserve as much respect as any other person.

Since a lot of people spend thousands on things like, for example, lip jobs – or injecting botox and other substances into the lips, trying to make them bigger – we have gathered a list with 10 lip jobs gone wrong.

The Sun has called them “porn star lips”, and they are getting more and more popular, but the crucial question remains: is bigger always better? Quite a controversial topic when it comes to lip jobs, it seems!

1 . The only man on this list!


2. I Wonder, how much does she spend on lipstick?

3. I’m starting to get the “porn star lips” name

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4. Those lips are as big as the bird!

5. This one looks like a cool cd cover ngl

6. What shiny upper lip!

7. They are gonna explode!

8. What do you think? Attractive?

9. They look so uncomfortable

10. Bigger lips to kiss you better

11. Ouch…

Of course, everyone can look however they want, but I would never take things this far! Now share this article with your friends and see what they think!