Short men are angrier and more aggressive – according to study

Every single person on this planet is unique. Blond, dark-haired, chubby, skinny, etc. This is what makes our world so beautiful – because how fun would it be if everyone had exactly the same appearance?

Quite boring right? It would be quite a grey life to live.

But did you know that research has shown that it is possible to link personality traits to appearance? Yes, that’s right – because a study has established that shorter men seem to be more aggressive.

CBSWorld of BuzzShareably, and Shortlist – many famous news sites have reported on this ironic discovery.

Short men have a complex

The case seems to indicate that short people tend to have a short fuse (pun intended) – and it is all due to their self-perception.

short men
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A state-funded study, conducted in Georgia, surveyed men between the ages of 18 and 50. The participants were asked questions about their image and what they thought about themselves – including during social gatherings.

The results showed that shorter men feel less masculine. The researchers also concluded, based on the answers, that they draw closer to angry, criminal, and aggressive behavior – to offset their weak self-perceived image.

short person
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The now fairly well-known phenomenon is called masculine discrepancy stress.

Overcompensating for a deficiency

Previous studies have touched on these same issues – and obtained similar results. Researchers at Oxford University concluded that the shorter a person is, the more vulnerable the person feels. This has a lot to do with what is called “Napoleon Complex”, or “Short Man Syndrome”.

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To summarize – this means a short person will tend to overcompensate for something they themselves consider lacking. In this case, height, which is invertedly proportional to aggression, according to the study.

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