Women should handle the grill this summer – says Swedish expert

When you think of a barbecue or grill, most of us probably picture a man, with a fatherly look, being in charge of the cooking.

Of course, in some places, the woman in the household may also do the barbecuing, but I think most people can probably agree that it is usually the man who stands there close to the fire.

However, it should be the other way around, according to food expert Richard Tellström, reports the site Baaam.

In most places located in the southern hemisphere, alongside the summer – the time to grill has arrived!

There is nothing more wonderful during the summer than the smell of juicy meat cooked to perfection. Just the thought makes my mouth water. Yum!

grill is a ladie's job
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Leave the grill to the ladies

Most people probably also agree that it is much more common for a man to do the barbecuing.

However, that shouldn’t be the case, claims Richard Tellström. An associate professor of meal knowledge and an expert on Swedish food culture history.

the expert in barbecue
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The woman is namely more suitable to be in charge of the grill, he says.

“In general, women are better at cooking than men, which is why grilling should be done by the most capable member. It is harder to grill meat than to make a salad well, for example, so the one who is least skilled at cooking should do the simpler tasks. Men should probably do the salad, and maybe the dishes,” Richard Tellström tells the site Baaam.

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He explains that the reason why it is more common for the man to stand by the grill goes a bit back in history.

Stuck with old customs

“This may be because grilling and skewering were performed by men in old nobility’s castles, most of the chefs were traditionally men back then. When the barbecue dinners were introduced by America in the 1950s, the grill remained a men’s job. Barbecues have contributed greatly to establishing a social connection between men, who show their household’s hospitality and entertain their guests.” Richard Tellström says.

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He states:

“It is the heteronormative society that has divided society rolls when it comes to who is in charge of the grill.”

It is, of course, up to everyone to interpret dividedtröm’s recommendations. However, now you know that anyone can be in charge of the barbecue. At least according to one of Sweden’s most famous food experts, a country well known for pushing hard towards gender equality.

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