Driver crashes his car – after being terrified by a tiny spider

Arachnophobia means the fear of spiders, one of the most common phobias in humanity. Interestingly, there is a logical explanation for why we act like we do when we see a spider.

The fact is that thousands of years ago, man could not differentiate which spiders were poisonous and which ones were harmless. So we became cautious of all of them, just in case.

In other words, it is biologically imprinted in our DNA to reject creepy crawlies. This is because our natural instinct classifies spiders as a danger, even though nowadays it’s quite rare to encounter the poisonous kinds.

However, it can be challenging to conquer our fears. And today’s story about a man from Isle of Wight, England, proves that fears are not to be underestimated.

He saw a spider while driving his car and got so scared he drove it straight into a lamppost, Ladbible reports.

Being afraid of things is natural. Some are afraid of heights, others of dogs, and some of us jump like a basketball player when we see a spider.

Straight into a lamppost

However, the man from Isle of Wight, who remains anonymous, had nowhere to run when a spider appeared in his car while he was driving.

To escape from this eight-legged intruder, the driver lost control of the steering wheel for a moment, crashing straight into a lamppost.

Fortunately, the man survived without major injuries but had to embarrassingly explain to the police what happened.

“Keep your eyes on the road”

On Facebook, the local police made a post with pictures from the crash.

Our ARV/colleagues have had a busy afternoon. They currently are dealing with this vehicle on Kite Hill in Wootton so…

Gepostet von Isle of Wight Police am Montag, 10. August 2020

Our ARV/colleagues have had a busy afternoon. They currently are dealing with this vehicle on Kite Hill in Wootton so please bear this in mind when you are passing through this way as the traffic might be slightly slower-moving until this vehicle is recovered.

“This driver was trying to remove a spider from his vehicle at the time of this incident.

“We are glad to say the driver only has minor injuries From this incident, but as always, please keep your eyes on the road as there are lots of distractions around at this time of year.

“Livvy 21708.

Yes, the man in question learned to check his car for spiders before driving off next time.

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