Dumb thieves siphon diesel from a bus – turns out to be piss and feces from the septic tank

When you are a child, one of the first things you learn is not to steal. You just need to keep your fingers away from what’s not yours, quite simple, honestly. A rule most of us have no problem understanding, but there are always people who can’t keep their fingers in control and try to steal from others.

However, what is incredibly nice is that these people often get in trouble, and sometimes in the most embarrassing of situations. And that’s exactly what they deserve!

Such was the case for these Australian thieves, who tried to steal diesel from a parked tourist bus, reports The West.

Thieves are not regarded as the most intelligent part of our society, they fit right below politicians. The whole principle of not being able to distinguish between what’s yours and what belongs to others is already pretty stupid, but the thieves of our story take it to a whole new level.

Thieves try to siphon diesel

This crazy event took place in Laverton, a suburb outside Melbourne, in Australia.

The thieves tried to steal diesel, which is anything but cheap, from a parked tourist bus in the middle of the night.

The thieves sneaked behind the vehicle, everything was going according to plan. The next step was to connect the hose to the tank (they thought) contained the valuable liquid.

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The taste of piss and poop

The thieves, however, realized their huge mistake when they attempted to siphon the diesel. Unsurprisingly, they connected the hose to the wrong tank.

Instead of siphoning diesel from the bus, these silly thieves got something completely different. They had connected the hose to the septic tank – where the bus stores all the piss and feces.

“We can infer they beat a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth,” said Laverton Police Sen. Sgt. Heath Soutar, who’s working the case, to The West Australian.

Sen. Sgt. Heath Soutar points out that even if they are looking for the suspects, they “have absolutely zero interest” in getting back the stolen goods.

This lesson will probably haunt these thieves for the rest of their lives, and that puts a smile on my face!

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