Major grocery store replaces gingerbread men with gender-neutral “gingerbread person”

Being politically correct is vital today. The most important thing seems to be not to offend anyone, which is of course difficult to avoid sometimes. 

Here at the Laugh Club we have, among other things, reported on a proposal to change the name of Santa in the UK – and now, similarly, the biggest chain store in the UK has launched a campaign to change the classic gingerbread man to a gender-neutral “gingerbread person”, reports The Mirror.

The British food chain Co-op is trying to reimagine the traditional gingerbread man into a more progressive gingerbread person.

A gender-neutral name

The gingerbread man has got a new design and according to Co-op should fit all the seasons.

“The plan is to give our new gingerbread fellow some seasonal costume refreshes – a distinctively Christmassy look for December and something rather spooky around Halloween for example,” they wrote on his website according to The Mirror.

At the same time, they want to give the new gingerbread person a name, which must, however, be gender-neutral.

“Trying to be inclusive”

According to The Independent, Co-op wrote the following:

“Our Food team is adding the final touches to a new Co-op gingerbread person, but they’ve yet to come up with a name. So we’ll need a name that works for any time of year.

“We also need to ensure that the name is gender-neutral too. 

“Join in to suggest a name. Our Food team will create a shortlist of the ones they think will best fit the bill and we’ll be back to ask you to vote for your favorite next month.”

The change has been met with great criticism, but also received praise for trying to adapt to reflect the direction the world is going nowadays.

The gingerbread in the picture has nothing to do with the article. Image source: Pixabay

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