This chair saves you from miserable summer weather –  drink holder and rain cover included

The summer in Florida is wonderful, the late nights, the sun that stays up longer and beaches filled with people happily enjoying their vacations.

But unfortunately, the weather in Florida is very whimsical. 95° and sunny can easily turn into 70° and rainy in the same afternoon.

In other words, it is important to prepare for quick weather changes, so you can still enjoy being outdoors during the summer.

Therefore, a new chair has appeared, and it will save you from the Floridian summer weather – if it’s rainy, windy or drizzling.

It’s often a shame that the summer goes by so fast. We only have a few weeks to enjoy the sun before having to get back to work. The best thing to do, then, is to enjoy it as much as possible when you have the chance. Even if it means hanging outside during rainy weather or at night.

Protects you from rain and drizzle

But now you won’t miss a single summer day, even if it rains and pours. Because there’s a new camping chair that will protect you from rain and drizzle. What an invention!

Image source: Kelsyus

The chair is easy to carry and functions as a regular camping chair. However, it comes with a rain cover that goes from the ground all the way up to the roof.

Drink holder included

When the rain stops, it’s easy to open the rain cover, even with one hand. But if you too are a person of culture, and tend to hold two drinks at the same time, the armrest is equipped with a handy drink holder.

Image source: Kelsyus

The chair can handle up to 130 kilos and is easy to carry with you to the beach or the football field to watch your kids’ matches without having to get wet or cold.

Massive success online

The chair has already become very popular and the chairs are selling like hotcakes around the world.

“This chair’s saved me from the unpredictable Miami weather many times. Once, I spent a whole day in it, dry and enjoying my day off,” wrote a happy buyer.

Image source: Kelsyus

What a dreamy item to have – it’s really made for the summer in Florida!

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