Only a dirty mind can spot the detail in this picture of a woman – what about you?

We all have dirty thoughts every now and then. It’s human nature. Media and marketing, since their beginning, have used the most powerful sensation in existence: sex. Everything around us has a hidden innuendo or sexual reference for the simple reason that sex sells, it sells more than we can ever imagine.

However, not everyone can see the sexual or perverse parts “hidden” around us. You must have a knack for it, a dirty mind if you will. How high your sexual innuendo detection level is – we’ll find out soon enough with the help of a simple image.

Sensitive readers, you have been warned.

Most healthy people have at least some sexual appetite. However, some think of it more regularly, and some are just straight-up vulgar, with sex being the only thing in their minds.

They can see naughtiness in just about anything. A chair, table, sofa, a meal – yes, there are perverted details everywhere! If you look hard enough…

Warning: This image hides something naughty

We all have that friend that behaves all the time like a horndog!

Or maybe it is you? We shall find out – using a single image. It looks like a painting in which a woman is holding her hand close to her neck. Nothing strange so far, however, the picture might not be as innocent as it seems at first sight if you take a closer look.

The question is: Do you see the detail that made most people blush?

dirty or naughty?

Do you see anything naughty in the picture?

May need to turn the picture around

If not, then you can probably be relieved, your mind is not that perverted – but if you did, however, see the bold detail immediately. We can assume that you might have a vulgar personality!

To see the detail, it’s much easier if you rotate the image. 

The answer is below

naughty answer

Yes, it’s a woman masturbating.

Did you see it from the beginning? Don’t be ashamed – instead, be a proud horndog and hit that share button below to challenge your friends!