Personality test: Which person is the dumbest in this picture?

Personality test: Which person is the dumbest in this picture?

Every person is different, at least when it comes to personality. The events that have shaped our lives are so random that they are impossible to replicate. This is something we should be happy about, a society where everyone is exactly the same would be bizarre and honestly, quite boring.

These different personality traits have fascinated us, humans, since time immemorial, and we have thought a lot about what makes us different and why.

That is why today we can find plenty of personality tests online. Of course, these tests should be taken with a pinch of salt, but they are fun and often get a thing or two right.

This particular personality test comes from Youtube, a great source to find these types of tests online. The results should be able to reveal something about your personality.

Who is the dumbest?

Below we can see a picture of four people up in a tree.

The test involves figuring out which of them, in your opinion, is the dumbest.

Here is the picture. Below, you can check the correct answer.

Who is the dumbest?

Which is your personality?

Have you decided which person you think is the dumbest? Below are the answers.

Person 1:  You like to give up when you encounter resistance and often feel powerless when a task needs to be solved. You rely on others and always second guess things that you do. You have a very good heart and avoid creating unnecessary quarrels or conflicts.

Person 2:  You like to get things over with. If you are faced with a problem, you don’t think about the hows, you just try to solve it as quickly as possible. You are very energetic but sometimes your surroundings have a hard time following you.

“Do things your way”

Person 3:  You change moods quickly and are often described by your friends as “difficult”. If a conflict arises, you face it head-on. You have good analytical skills and always trust your gut feeling. You thrive when the attention is going in your direction.

Person 4:  You always do things your way, no matter what everyone else thinks. Their opinion is not important to you and you rely mostly on your own ability. You have nothing against social gatherings, but at the same time, it is vital to have your own time, alone. You have very good control over your own emotions.

What number did you answer and how well did the description fit you?

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