Take a close look at your little finger: Its length might say something exciting about your personality

Since the beginning of human history, we have been fascinated by our looks. How much do they influence us? Why do we look the way we do?

For generations, we have tried to make a connection between our personality traits and our appearance.

In the past, fortune-telling was a career. People made a living by “reading” a person’s future and personality from the palms of their hands.

Today, thanks to technology, you can find similar types of tests anywhere online. Ready to tell you information about yourself that you might not have considered before.

Despite that, we should take these tests with a pinch of salt. Still, it’s entertaining, and the fact is that they get things right quite often.

So now, look at your little finger – it might reveal something interesting about your personality.

Hands are one of the most useful tools at our disposal, and even though we give them for granted, most of us wouldn’t be able to survive a single day without them.

Look at your little finger

You seldom think about your hands’ appearance, and as long as they work, things are like they’ve always been, fine.

But according to Curious Mind, our hands, or rather the length of our pinkie fingers, says something interesting about our personality.

Below are three different types of little fingers and an explanation of how they affect our personality.

Pinkie type A

little finger A

If your little finger looks like the one in the picture above, you are a reserved person and a bit introverted. You keep most of your thoughts and opinions to yourself, especially around people you don’t know very well.

Others perceive you as very independent and strong. Honesty is a pillar of your personality, and you would never even consider lying. Loyalty comes first to you, and you expect the same from your loved ones.

People who don’t know you well may think you are a bit cold and headstrong, but you simply have no time for things or people you consider unimportant.

Those who are close to you, on the other hand, know that you have a heart of gold and that you’d do anything for them. They fuel your motivation and confidence like nothing else.

Little finger type B

pinkie B

If you have a slightly longer little finger, you are type B. Type B is described as sensitive and patient. When you take a liking to someone, that person becomes a part of you. You do everything thinking of your loved one, and you make sure they know how important they are.

However, you are quite picky with whom you choose to allow into your “important” circle. Because you are so sensitive, you also get hurt easier. You are kind and gentle to everyone, even though your opinion of them might not be as positive as they think.

You are very goal-oriented, no matter what. Work, education, family, and friends always come first. Your determination makes you a successful individual, and your natural calmness helps you make your dreams come true.

Pinky type C

little finger C

If you have a slightly shorter little finger, like in picture C, you are an optimistic individual.

Negativity drains you quickly, and very few people have seen you truly angry. If someone wrongs you and apologizes, you easily forgive them and move on. After all, you know life is too short to spend it being bitter.

You can sometimes be perceived as a bit demanding and egocentric. But that’s because you have a lot of confidence and know you are usually right. If, on the other hand, you are wrong, you have no problem admitting your mistake and apologizing.

You are very straightforward when you talk, and you hide nothing from others, what they see is what they get.


Which little finger is your type? Did the description fit your personality?

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