The way you make a fist might say something about your character

Why do we look like we do? Does our appearance have any effect on our personality? If so, why? And what can we learn from it?

Since time immemorial, humans have asked these questions, attempting to determine whether our appearance has anything to do with our behavior.

Fortune-tellers, back then, could supposedly see people’s futures and personalities by reading the palms of their hands.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet. You can find similar things online. Of course, you should always take these types of tests with a grain of salt. However, the fact is that they are still quite fun, and most of the time, they get a few things right.

This personality test below reveals, depending on how you clench your fist, how it affects the type of person you are.

There are three different types

Several times a day, we make a fist, usually without noticing. It may have something to do with us being nervous, impatient, or getting angry. But exactly how do we clench our fists? The answer might reveal some secrets about our character.

Below we present the three different ways to make a fist – for the sake of simplicity, we’ll call them A, B, and C.


How do you clench your fist?

Make a fist and find out, then check the explanation below.

Fist Type A

Make a fist type A

If you clench your fist this way, you are probably a cautious person. Your friends see you as gentle and sensitive.

You don’t make hasty decisions. Instead, you take your time to plan things thoroughly. Your mind is very strategic and organized.

You are super empathetic, which makes you charming. You easily make friends, which you appreciate hanging out with, but also value your time alone.

Fist Type B

Make a fist type B

If to make a fist, you put your thumb over your fingers like this, you are engaging and talented. Your charisma makes it easy for everyone to look at you when you step into a room, and you love it.

You like to talk about everything with everyone, which is thanks to your natural curiosity. Problems can never affect you because of your good humor and positivity. It is always a glass half full with you.

You wear your feelings on the outside. If you are happy, sad, or angry, everyone immediately nows.

Fist Type C

Make a fist type C

Closing your thumb under your fingers indicates an introverted personality.

The thumb symbolizes thoughts, which you happily keep to yourself. You have few but very close friends and always try to avoid conflicts.

You appreciate social events but rarely stay until the end. Your personality pillars are harmony and peace.

How do you clench your fist – and did the test match your personality?

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