What animal do you see in this 100-year-old optical illusion?

It is unclear when man created the first optical illusion. Nevertheless, visual puzzles have a remarkable ability to deceive the eye in a way that can almost go unnoticed.

According to the original site, the visual illusion below is over 100 years old. And according to the legend, it says something about your personality, depending on what you see in the illusion.

Of course, personality tests of this kind should always be taken with a grain of salt, as they are by no means scientifically proven.

But they can still be quite fun to do – in addition, they often get at least a few details spot on.

The illusion below has driven people crazy for many years. It is impressive how such a piece of art can come into existence.

What animal do you see first?

Now it’s time to figure out what this picture reveals about you.

Here is the picture.

What animal do you see first?

What animal did you see first: a duck or a rabbit?

After a while, you will probably be able to see both animals. Below, we’ll explain what that says about you as a person.

What was the first thing you noticed? Here is the explanation:

If you first saw a duck

You are a true idealist and always looking at the good in people. Therefore, you instinctively search for ways to improve situations around you.

While others can perceive you as calm and reserved, you have an inner burning passion that shows through your creations.

Your creative harmony is a source of joy for people around you. You are a master of both words and emotions. Everyone knows you possess incredible potential.

If you saw a rabbit first

You’re a bit of a scientist—a critical and rational thinker with high intelligence. You have plenty of self-confidence and a passion for facts. In addition, you have a desire that drives you to understand how the world around you works.

You consider all the options before making a decision – and in the end, you always follow your brain and not your heart.

You are intelligent and find your surroundings fascinating. There are few things you appreciate more than learning why things are the way they are. As a result, you will have a positive impact on the world.

That was exciting – did it fit you well?

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