Almost everyone sees a crow in this picture – but can you see what it actually is?

Optical illusions are amazing. They can fool our eyes or even our minds into seeing things that are not there, or missing details that might be obvious after a second look.

One of the latest illusions that have gone viral is by no means an exception. In the photo, we can see a black crow – or at least that’s what most people believe.

However, if you study the photo carefully, you will soon realize that it is something completely different! 

Now this illusion, which was created by accident, has left thousands of people around the world tearing their hair out.

This crazy picture was first seen on Reddit. However, a few days after, it made its way into Twitter – where it finally hit critical social media mass. Now it has piqued hundreds of thousands of people’s interest – and many claim to have never seen anything like it.

Is it a crow? Or…

The photo, posted by Robert Maguire, shows a crow. Or that’s most of us believe the first time we see it. However, that’s incorrect – can you guess what’s actually in the picture?

Twitter / Robert Maguire

Under this accidental illusion, Robert Maguire wrote: “This picture of a crow is interesting because…it’s actually a cat”.

And of course, he is right! At first glance, it really looks like a black crow with its head sideways. However, if you look a little more closely, you will soon see that Robert is absolutely right.

In fact, it is a black cat turning its neck backward while looking into the camera. The other eye of the kitten is a little hard to see, but you’ll eventually see it!

How many legs?

However, this incredible illusion is just one of many that have flourished online in recent years. One of the visual puzzles that are considered classics is the cartoon elephant. In this illusion, the question is: How many legs does the elephant have?

While some believe that the correct answer is six, others believe that only one of the legs is correctly drawn. Opinions differ, to say the least – but how many legs do you think this elephant has?


Illusions are fascinating, and the “crow” really fooled me! Now press that share button below and show this impressive image to your friends!