This test is considered impossible for most – except people with OCD

This test is considered impossible for most – except people with OCD

Every now and then, you get some free time and have no idea what to do with it. You sit on the couch just zapping through the channels on the TV, or lay down while staring at the ceiling, and it’s over before you realize – instead, you could use the extra time to exercise what’s inside that skull of yours.

Nowadays, most of our daily activities are simplified by technology – there are even self-driving cars. Soon we will hardly need to think for ourselves, so in order to keep your brain sharp, we recommend doing a few brainteasers whenever possible.

Every day, I try to sit down to do crossword puzzles, sudoku, optical illusions or any kind of mind-teaser. Testing your skills and limitations is always helpful to understand yourself.

Earlier today I encountered this complex message (below). It’s quite tricky, but after finally understanding it, I felt a good energy kick. It felt pretty rewarding, and that’s why I was thinking about sharing it with you now!

Understanding difficult patterns

According to the site Shared, the challenge is impossible for most people – except those with obsessive personalities. They have a unique ability to understand complex patterns – and this is a bit of a prerequisite when attempting to solve this challenge.

obsessive personality

An obsessive personality

Apparently, if you have an obsessive personality or OCD, this challenge becomes much easier to solve.

Certainly, you are curious and wonder if you can handle it, right?

I will not reveal too much about what it says, take a look at the picture below and see how it goes!


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