Challenge: How many B’s can you find in this picture?

Wherever you look nowadays, everything is about the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, we should all do our best to help by staying inside and avoiding contact as much as possible. But it’s not healthy to stress over the virus constantly, which is hard to do since it’s what everyone is talking about.

Your brain needs a break, a breather to help it recharge batteries and relax from the crazy world out there. And what better way to do that than some good ‘ol puzzles.

Resolving challenges of various kinds, whether they are crosswords, sudoku or even riddles, are always a good way to loosen up the mind.

You are probably sitting on your couch trying to find something new to watch on TV. Being on isolation is starting to get boring once you have exhausted all possible activities. Thanks to the internet, however, there are infinite challenges out there, you can choose whatever gives your brain more excitement.

How many B’s can you find in the picture?

Take, for example, this challenge below, which has caused people around the world to pull their hair trying to solve it.

In the picture below we can see many 8’s. However, there are a few B’s hiding as well.

Now the question is: can you find all the B’s in the picture? Here is the picture.

can you find all the B's?

Did you find all the B’s? It’s definitely not easy, so you have to focus your mind, however, if you look carefully and take your time success will be yours.

Did you find them? Below you can see the solution.

Here is the solution

If you didn’t find all the B’s, then no worries, you are not alone.

Below is a picture with all the B’s marked in red.

can you find all the B's? Solution

There you can see it clearly, there are eight B’s in the picture.

Did you do get it right? Congratulations on that case!

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