Challenge: Very few people get the answer to this mystery

Riddles are something most of us can associate with our childhood. We all remember sitting down with a magazine or newspaper, trying to solve the puzzles that came with them, times were simpler back then.

Regardless of what you think about riddles, they are a great source of entertainment and relaxation. You get your daily mental workout and an opportunity to recharge your batteries.

The riddle below has left many people puffing in frustration, but let’s see if you have better luck.

Nowadays, technology does most of the thinking for us. Therefore, we need brainteasers more than ever before.

Riddles every day

For my last new year’s resolution, I promised myself to solve a riddle every single day. Mostly to make a habit of taking breaks from work and social media. So I can let my mind exercise in a healthier way for at least a few minutes.

How is it possible?

The riddle below is anything but simple, and has left many people (me included) scratching their heads.

If you come up with the right answer, you might be a genius!

Are you prepared? Here comes the mystery.

Image source: The Laugh Club / Newsner

“Julia was born on December 28th yet her birthday always falls in the summer. How is that possible?”

Now think for a moment – and then check the answer under the picture below!

Here is the correct answer to the mystery

Have you given it a good thought and have your guess ready? Below this picture, we reveal the correct answer to this tricky riddle.

Image source: PxHere

The answer is: Julia is Australian, and therefore lives in the southern hemisphere, where is summer during that time of the year!

Did you already know the correct answer to this mystery? Congratulations to you then!

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