Today’s Challenge: How many faces can you spot in this picture?

Now that summer is almost here, it’s time to let your brain relax a little. The mind needs rest from all the chores, work, and obligations attached to being an adult.

Brainteasers can help you disconnect from everyday tasks and at the same time give that brain of yours a much-needed workout. Puzzles come in a variety of ways and it does not matter if it’s math problems, riddles, crossword puzzles, or sudoku – the important part is that you move those brain cells around!

Below, you’ll find a picture that has raised many eyebrows – it’s quite difficult to fully understand.

The image is an optical illusion or visual puzzle. These challenges are extremely interesting for several reasons, but one exciting factor is that different people often perceive different things the first time they look at the image.

Can you find all the faces?

Now tell us exactly what you see in this picture. The picture below contains several faces, but only a small percentage of users can find all the faces hiding inside of the image.

Are you prepared? Here comes the visual illusion.


How many faces were you able to find in this painting?

Take your time and look carefully, if you can’t find them all, worry not. Below the next picture, we will reveal the answer.

Here is the answer

Did you give it one last try? Then check below, where the correct answer will be highlighted within the picture. So you can check if you managed to find every single face.

mind puzzles

There it is, a total of 9 faces! Did you find them all?

For me, it took a while but with the help of some of my coworkers I was able to pull through!

What about you?

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