Challenge: Which of these women is married to the man?

We all have prejudices. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. When we meet another human being, we create an image of who they are and what they think, based on our earlier impressions.

However, it is essential to be aware that those are just assumptions, and we need to see beyond them.

You can practice this, among other things, with the brainteaser below. It will also give your mind a much-needed workout, which always comes in handy!

Just like the body, the brain also needs exercise. Unfortunately, the mind rots away when we spend our day scrolling through social media and letting technology do most of the thinking for us.

But worry not. After a bit of brain-teasing, your head will be back up to speed. Ready to take on any challenge that adult life throws at you.

Therefore, we brought you a little puzzle that will also help you become less prejudiced. A win-win, right?

Which one is married to the man?

Here comes today’s challenge. Below, we can see a picture of a man and three women. One of these women is his wife.

Which of the women is married to him? Here is the picture.

who is married to the man?

Can you figure it out? A small clue is to try to look beyond the first impression.

Below, we’ll reveal the answer.

The answer is here

Is your answer ready? Below the following picture, you’ll be able to see if it’s the correct one.

think about your answer
Image source: PxHere

The correct answer is that woman number two is the one married to the man.

Why is that the correct answer? If you look closely, you see that both the woman number two and the man are wearing wedding bands, which neither of the other two has.

Did you get it right? Good job!

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