Few people in America can handle this simple test: How many circles are there?

Quarantine at home is becoming tedious. You clean, organize, take the trash out, wash the dishes – and that’s it. You are done.

What to do with the rest of the time? You can, of course, spend it with your family, but soon enough you’ll notice that everyone starts getting on each other nerves. It’s normal, you have basically been locked inside together for months now.

With that said, it could be a great opportunity to take some time off and clear your mind with some good ‘ol brainteasers. Exercising your brain lets you relax and helps you set all your worries aside for a minute. Afterward, you’ll be filled with patience and understanding so you can treasure the time you have with your loved ones.

Puzzles, as we all know, come in many shapes and forms. It can be math problems, riddles, crosswords, sudoku, etc. You name it.

A new type of challenge

However, the challenge below does not fall into any of the above categories – but is nevertheless a puzzle.

It is important, as usual, to pay attention, focus, and think a little outside the box to solve this challenge.

But if you take your time and concentrate, you have nothing to worry about.

How many circles can you see in the picture?

Here is today’s puzzle, look at the picture below.

How many circles?

How many circles are there in the picture? Yes, it may seem obvious when you first see the picture but look carefully before deciding.

Remember, think a little outside the box.

Have an answer ready? Then you can scroll down and see if you are correct.

There are a few circles

Okay, the correct answer comes in the picture below.


Four circles!

You might think that there are only three when you first see the picture, most people miss the circle under the question mark at the end of the sentence.

The rest of the shapes in the sentence are either square or elliptical, therefore you can’t count them as circles. Clever, huh?

Did you get the right answer? Congratulations on that case!

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