Find the naked lady hidden in this picture

Our brain relies on our eyes to make sense of the events surrounding us. This exchange of information and interpretation happens almost instantly. Sometimes, it’s so fast that what we think we’ve seen is not entirely correct or downright wrong.

Then, what happens when the eye sees something that may not exactly be there? This is probably why optical illusions continue to fascinate us after hundreds of years.

Optical illusions, or visual puzzles, are a great way to test our senses. They initially show pictures that look entirely normal, but the longer you look, the more details start emerging.

Below, we have some pretty interesting samples of optical illusions created through body painting—can you see the people hiding in them?

In my opinion, the best illusions are those in real-life photos. When I first saw Jörg Düsterwald’s work, my jaw dropped.

Incredible works of art

Jörg Düsterwald works as a body painter, and with the help of skilled photographers, he tries to merge the human body with nature.

But can people and nature seamlessly “become one”? The answer is an absolute yes—and the results are amazing!            

Many of Jörg’s incredible illusions have spread like wildfire online – probably because only a fraction of people manage to find the humans inside these beautiful nature pictures.

Now we will test how sharp your sight is. Below, we’ll find a bunch of photos with naked women hiding somewhere in the picture – can you find them?

Can you see the women in the wood pile?

Look carefully through this wood pile, and you might soon catch a glimpse of the woman.

Where is the woman?

Here we have a beautiful autumn picture, but a woman is hiding here somewhere. Can you see where?

If you can’t see her, then maybe it’s easier here.

Hidden woman among the stones

Now that you understand how it works, can you find the naked woman hiding in this picture?

Among autumn leaves

The next creation is a beautiful bush of autumn leaves in many different, warm colors. But there is also a hidden woman here, can you see her? This one is a bit easier.

Wonderful autumn sun

Jörg likes to work with the theme of autumn, which is nice because autumn is indeed so incredibly beautiful.

Just take this picture, for example. Can you find the hidden woman?

Magnificent pictures! It’s amazing how you can fool the brain with a little body color and an artistic mind!

Did you find any of the women? Then you can give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Well done!

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