For geniuses only: How many people do you see in this picture?

We all need to take a little break every now and then, most things are going too fast nowadays, and it’s easy to get caught in between all the chaos. A good way to take a breather is to solve some puzzles and quizzes.

It may sound contradictory, but exercising your brain in the right way often clears up your thoughts and lets your mind reset, feeling much fresher and sharper afterward.

It’s especially good for when you become older, since the extra mind exercise makes your brain stay young and healthy.

Once a day I usually try to relax by doing any kind of puzzle. Sometimes I try to solve crosswords and other days I do some sudoku – but lately, a completely different kind of challenge has caught my interest.

Illusions created with body painting

Optical illusions, or visual puzzles, as we also call them, have fascinated people for centuries.

An image created in a way it conceals some important details, and one must look at it very carefully, or several times, to find them.

Johannes Stötter is an artist who creates optical illusions with the help of people and body painting.

How many people can you find in this picture?

So today’s challenge involves one of Johannes Stötter’s pictures.

In the picture below, we see a frog created by human bodies and body painting. The question is: how many people can you see in the picture?

Look closely and see how many you can find.

how many people
Image source: Facebook

How many people did you find? It’s quite difficult, and you really have to concentrate.

If you want to know the answer then look below the next picture.

Image source: Pexels

Here’s the answer

For this picture, Johannes Stötter used five people.

There are two people kneeling, they make up the legs, there are other two crouching which makes up the front legs, and finally, there is one person in the middle facing our direction, and they represent the body itself.

Did you get it right? Congratulations to you in that case!

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