How many squares can you find in this picture?

The only way to maintain your brain sharp is to exercise it regularly. It is at least as important as keeping your body in shape, if not more. 

There are plenty of ways to give your mind a workout. Still, the most common are probably crosswords or sudoku, as they usually come in magazines and newspapers.

But today, thanks to the internet, millions of brainteasers are readily available.

With that said, the puzzle below has been gaining popularity around social media lately—can you solve it?

Challenges are always exciting. They help you disconnect from your busy life and take a break; trust me, your head will feel lighter after solving a couple of brainteasers.

You might think this is strange since it is technically straining your mind. Still, unlike in our jobs or studies, these exercises are more like a stretch or warm-up for our most important muscle, the brain.

You need to concentrate

Now that we are ready. Time to concentrate on solving today’s challenge.

The puzzle below has been around for a long time, causing many to tear their hair out in despair. It is, after all, quite difficult to solve.

But if you focus and take your time, I bet you’ll have no problem reaching the correct conclusion.

Can you find all the squares in this picture?

Here comes the challenge. In the picture below, we can see matches arranged together to form squares.

Can you figure out exactly how many squares are in the image? Here it is!

How many squares did you count? Think hard and look carefully at the picture so you can find all of them.

Below the following image, you’ll see the correct answer.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Here is the correct number

How many squares did you find?

The correct answer is 16 squares.

Did you find them all on your own? Congratulations!

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