Many people will fail this test about how to fix the traffic jam

There’s always time to solve some brainteasers. 

Of course, it is essential to keep the body in shape, but many people forget the brain requires exercise just as much. Sitting on the couch all day during lockdown is understandable, but periodically exercising your mind with a few challenges, in my opinion, is necessary to keep your sanity intact.

That’s why today, I brought you a new challenge to exercise that brain of yours!

I’ve always liked number-related puzzles like sudoku. They give you different ways to stimulate your brain, and to me, more complex puzzles add an extra layer of fun to the whole challenge. Once you solve a few, you feel your mind fresh and sharp, ready to get back to work.

Which car needs to move first?

Taking breaks from everyday life is necessary, especially now that computers and technology do almost everything for us.

So today, I brought you the perfect puzzle for a quick break. It is, in my opinion, neither too easy nor too difficult. You might have to take your time, but I know you’ll eventually find the answer – and if you don’t, we’ll help you out.

It is an image of a traffic jam at an intersection. Your job is to figure out how to fix the situation by moving only one car. Which car should we move first so that the rest can continue their journey?

Which of these cars needs to move first?

which car should move first?

Now, make sure you think about your answer.

Had to think for a while

You may already know the solution but take one more look, just in case.

I had to think for a while before I was 100% sure.

Under the picture of this woman concentrating, you’ll see the correct solution!

Picture: Pexels

The answer is: car 3 must move first – by reversing!


After that, the other cars can continue driving ahead.

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