Most people answer incorrectly: Which woman is the man interested in?

Exercising your brain is vital if you want to live a long and happy life. We all hear daily about how important it is to exercise our body and all its muscles.

And that’s absolutely right. The body gets many benefits from going out for a run regularly. But many people forget to exercise the most important part of the body, the brain.

Today, technology does almost everything for us, which means that you rarely exercise your mind, other than for school and work.

Suppose you want to give your head a light workout without the stress factor. In that case, you can always solve a few brainteasers.

Time for a puzzle

A brainteaser can be anything really, as long as you have to put your mind to it and concentrate on solving a problem. It can be old math equations, crossword puzzles, or sudoku, for example.

The test we find below may not fall into any of the above categories. Still, it has proven to be quite popular online.

Today’s challenge

Here comes today’s challenge. Below we can see a picture of a man and three women.

But the man is only interested in one of them.

Can you guess which woman? Here is the picture.

Which woman?

It’s not easy, so it is essential to take your time looking at the picture before deciding.

Below, you’ll be able to see the correct answer.

Which woman is he interested in?

Did you come up with an answer? You’ll find out who’s the woman that the man is interested in after the next picture.

Brain teaser

The correct answer is woman number 1.

How do we get there? Take a closer look at the picture, and focus on the man.

As human beings, we tend to turn away from everything we find uninteresting and face things and people we like.

If we look at how the man stands, we can see that his body is turned towards woman number 1, away from women 2 and 3. This is particularly clear if we look at his feet.

Which woman solution

Did you get it right? Congratulations to you then!

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