Most people are failing this test – but try finding the odd detail in this picture

The progress of the coronavirus has resulted in national quarantine for most countries, the USA is no exception. It seems like the situation is getting better, however, it is doing so at a very slow rate. And finding ways to keep yourself entertained is becoming harder and harder as the days go by.

Sure, there are chores to do, it’s an excellent opportunity to clear out the closet and get rid of the things you don’t need, your home it’s probably spotless by this point, just like how it was when you first moved in.

So you ran out of chores, and even if you didn’t, when was the last time you had fun doing the dishes? I thought so.

Have no worries my fellow American, there is a way to pass the time at home, have fun, and exercise your mind. We are talking about good ‘ol brainteasers.

Puzzle-solving is a superb exercise for your brain, similar to how a jog helps the body stay healthy.

When you put your brain cells to work, you increase your concentration power – moreover, most times it feels like you can think a little clearer afterward.

You also get to fire up your competition instincts, because any challenge that piques your interest won’t be let go until it’s solved! Right?

Attention to detail

Puzzles can come in many forms, it can be anything from riddles, math problems, crosswords, sudoku – or even the ones like the challenge we have for you below.

Instead of the usual ones, these types go by the name of optical illusions, or visual puzzles. The goal is to find a mistake or detail inside an image or picture that at first glance looks perfectly normal.

So concentrate and show us how good your eye for detail is with the next challenge.

Can you see the odd detail?

Here is today’s puzzle. Below, you’ll see a picture of a family in a kitchen, pretty normal stuff. Right? – However, something is wrong.

Can you find the odd detail in the picture?

find the odd detail

It’s not easy to spot, as the picture is pretty normal to most untrained eyes.

But there is a fault. If you are unable to find it, we will reveal the answer below!

Here’s the mistake

Did you find the odd detail? Congratulations to you in that case!

If not, no problem, you are not the only one. We’ll show you the answer in the picture below.

find the odd detail solution

There it is! A mouse chasing a cat, that’s not an usual sight, correct?

Quite hard to detect, but once you see it, it feels obvious!

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