Most people fail at this, but can you spot the mistake in this picture?

With the quarantine still going on, most of us are stuck at home, probably staring at the tv watching whatever news or morning show we come across. Most of these shows always have a health section full of tips and diets to keep your body in shape.

Walking, jogging, and even weird streching positions that look unnatural for the human body to perform.

Of course, it is good to exercise regularly, the body needs to move.

But what most people forget is that the thing between our ears, namely the brain, needs to exercise regularly, just like the rest of the body.

Brainteasers, just like any other exercise, can help you lead a healthier life. The main benefit is that you move those brain cells around for a while, which helps you put all other thoughts and worries aside for a few minutes.

Afterward, you usually feel that your head is a little clearer and it’s much easier to concentrate.

Time to focus and think

A brainteaser can be an old math problem from school, a test, a riddle โ€“ or something like the challenge below.

It does not fall into any of the above categories, but it still requires maximum concentration and focus to be solved.

People call these types of challenges optical illusions, or visual puzzles, the goal is to find a specific detail in an image or picture.

The mistake in the picture

Here comes the image.

Your mission: find what’s wrong with this image. Will you succeed?

picture puzzle

What we see is a door with a complex lock. But something in the picture is wrong.

Can you find the mistake? Congratulations on that case!

If not, the answer will be after the next picture.


Time for the answer

Was it difficult to find the mistake?

No problem, there are a lot of people having issues finding the problem within the picture.

Below is the answer.

picture solution

There’s it is! Can you see it? There’s no keyhole.

Easy to miss if you don’t pay proper attention, but once you know it’s there, it feels super obvious!

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