New Challenge: Can you find all the numbers in this picture?

Training your attention skills with an optical illusion is always an exciting experience. It’s interesting if you look at it together with someone next to you at the same time because you probably won’t be seeing the same thing.

What your eyes notice varies from person to person, perhaps that is why illusions have become so popular online.

The illusion below has caused thousands to argue about its contents – and now it’s time to see what answer you come up with!

This optical illusion appeared not too long ago on Twitter, where a user uploaded an image and asked other users what they saw in it.

Thousands of answers

In just a few days, the picture received over 16,000 responses, and most people assumed that what they saw was the correct answer.

The Daily Mail has also asked its readers what they think, and over 23,000 people shared their solutions.

Now it’s time to see what you find in the picture.

How many numbers do you see?

Here is the picture. What numbers do you see?

How many numbers can you find here?

It’s not easy to find numbers in this tricky illusion, but they definitely are there.

Below, we reveal exactly what it says inside the picture.

Here are all the numbers

Do you have your answer ready? Below the next picture, you can check if you found the correct one.

illusion solution
Image source: Pixabay

The correct answer is 3 4 5 2 8 3 9.

So there are seven numbers in the picture.

Most people only notice the numbers 5 2 8.

According to the Daily Mail, the image plays with your contrast sensitivity. The better sense you have, the more numbers you can discern.

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