No one can agree if the cat is going up or down the stairs – it took me several minutes to get the right answer

Easter is behind us, and in contrast to what President Trump previously stated, we are still under lockdown. It’s hard to have high spirits for the holidays when we can’t travel and visit our friends and family.

It’s rough remembering the now distant times when you all would sit around a big table and enjoy a homemade, traditional meal. Just catching up and enjoying the company.

But enough with the depressing talk, I apologize, let’s try to fight together through these difficult times. After all, we still have each other, and technology, to rely on. So how about some puzzles to put your mind at ease?

Brainteasers work like meditation, in a way that rids the mind from unnecessary pressure, leading to a more relaxed and sharp state.

Usually, these challenges come in magazines or newspapers, things like crosswords, sudoku, and word search. Thanks to the internet, however, now you can choose from millions of puzzles from the comfort of your home, like for example the one we have for you below.

There is no correct answer

Optical illusions are made to deceive the eye so it misses important information. If we look away for a few seconds and then look at the picture again, we might suddenly see something totally different. Color, shapes, patterns, and even letters might have completely changed.

The image itself is not what changes, but the way it was drawn makes us interpret it incorrectly, or differently, at first glance. Usually, there are many possible “right answers” which makes these pictures quite controversial as they generate arguments and discussions about their true meaning – but it is one of those “in the eye of the beholder” situations.

Where is the cat going?

Today’s puzzle is a classic optical illusion that has generated plenty of discussions online.

Is the cat going up or down the stairs?

Is the cat going up or down the stairs?

Up or down the stairs?

At first glance, you might think that this kitten is going down the stairs. But if you look away for a moment and then look at the picture again you could also say they are going up the stairs. Those who think the cat is going down the stairs point at the edges of the steps and the light behind the cat. While those who think the cat it’s going up, say some stairs have the edges on top to get more traction on the foot and avoid slipping on the steps.

There is no right answer since none of the creators disclosed the correct answer. So it’s up for interpretation.

What do you think? Is the kitty going up or down the stairs?

The Laugh Club salutes you! Keep safe and stay inside as much as possible my fellow Americans.

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