Only a sharp person can solve this: What did the father call his fifth son?

Brain exercise is just as important as physical training if you want to be a healthy and happy individual. You can put all your daily worries aside for a moment and just concentrate on the challenge in front of you.

It is a good way to reset your mind. Oftentimes you feel that you are more “present” and you can think a little more clearly.

The riddle we want to share with you today is a great example of critical thinking, so it really is important to focus your senses on this one.

A great brainteaser

Riddles and other types of brain challenges are very popular during our school years, it’s a great way to pick the curiosity of kids and have them actually engage with a theoretical problem. Something they don’t associate with the boring and difficult problems from their normal classes.

father riddle
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It’s very good for the brain to move all those neurons regularly, moreover, few emotions beat the sense of accomplishment that you feel when you overcome a challenge!

Only a few succeed

Today’s challenge is an old riddle, which has been circulating online for a few years now. It’s anything but simple, and as with most puzzles, it’s important to think a little outside the box to succeed.

Here’s the riddle: John’s father has 5 sons. Alan, Blan, Clan, and Dlan – what did he call his last son?

Hmm, not a simple one, right? Here is a clue: read the riddle carefully again. This might help you solve it.

If not, you can see the answer after the next picture.

riddle answer
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Here is the answer to the riddle

If you managed to solve the riddle: Good job! You should give yourself a pat on the shoulder.

If you didn’t, no worries, the correct answer is John.

As we said, if you read the riddle carefully you will notice that it says John’s father has five sons,” which means John is one of the sons.

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