Only a small number of Americans can see all the faces in this picture: How many are you able to find?

I absolutely love to challenge myself with a few brainteasers!

It can be anything, from Crossword puzzles and Sudoku from the newspaper to optical illusions, like the one in today’s challenge.

Thanks to the current situation (coronavirus), it is easy to find ourselves mindlessly looking at a screen all day. However, brainteasers are a useful resource to refresh our minds. I always try to solve a few puzzles at the end of the day when I want to calm down and forget a little about all my responsibilities.

Besides, it’s also a fun way to pass the time!

Of course, these types of challenges are trendy online. Right now, millions worldwide compete against friends and family to see who solves them faster.

Therefore, I would like to share with you the next picture puzzle, which I came across the other day.

How many faces can you see?

In the picture below, you can see two big faces mixed with a tree. But the challenge comprises finding more than that.

The origin of the image is somewhat unclear. Still, according to most forums on the web, the number of faces you see reveals how good your memory is.

Of course, take this test with a pinch of salt, even if it’s still a fun challenge. Next, you can see the picture, and below, you’ll know what the number of faces you can find says about your memory.

How many faces?
Image source: Youtube

Here are the results

Two to four faces
The two faces right below the tree are, as I said, easy to find. But if you can only see one or two more, it might mean that you have a bad memory.

Five to six
Can you find more than four faces in the picture? Nice, keep looking, but if five or six is ​​your number, your memory is average.

Seven to eight
If you see seven or eight faces, it means that your memory is good, but not fantastic. Good job!

Nine or more
Congratulations to you who see nine or more faces! Your memory is almost photographic, and you rarely forget details!

Are you tearing your hair out, still looking for faces in the picture? Below you can see where most of them are hiding!

Faces solution
Image source: Youtube

How many faces did you find? If you found more than three, press that share button below to invite your friends to a fun challenge!