Only true geniuses can find all the squares hidden in this image

Exercising your mind is at least as important as keeping your body in shape, if not more. Honestly, it’s the only way mantain your brain sharp, especially when you grow older.

There are plenty of ways to exercise what’s inside your skull, but the most classic ones are probably the crossword puzzles or sudoku that come with magazines and newspapers.

But thanks to the internet, today there’s a massive amount of brainteasers around. And the one below has been circulating around a lot lately – can you solve it?

Puzzles are always exciting. It gets you to disconnect from all the problems and worries of the real world, and afterward, your head becomes a little clearer.

You might think this is strange since we use our brains every day, for our jobs or studies, but this a different kind of exercise.

Think about it this way, if your job was your brain running a marathon for 8 hours straight, a brainteaser would be like taking a relaxing swim to help your mind recover and recharge your batteries. Makes sense, right?

Many have blown a fuse

Now that you understand. Let’s get onto today’s challenge.

The puzzle below has been around for a long time and has caused many to tear their hair out. The problem is indeed quite difficult to solve.

But if you focus and take your time, your chances to solve it will be much higher.

How many squares can you find in this picture?

Here comes the challenge. In the picture below we can see many matches put together so they form squares.

Can you figure out exactly how many squares are in the image? Good luck!

Squares of the mind

How many squares did you count? Think hard and look carefully at the picture so you can find all the squares.

Ready? Below this image, you’ll see the correct answer.

Image source: Pexels

Plenty of squares

How many squares did you find?

The correct answer is 16 squares.

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