Test: It’s said that only people with OCD can solve this

Once in a while, you find yourself sitting on the sofa, bored out of your mind. Just channel zapping away on the TV or staring at the ceiling. Not very productive – instead, you could use the spare time to give your brain a good exercise.

In today’s society, most of our routine is done with the help of technology – it won’t be long until everyone has a self-driving car. The need to think for yourself gets lower every decade, so to keep your mind fit it’s good to do a few brainteasers every now and then.

I try daily to sit down and solve crossword puzzles, sudoku, optical illusions or any challenge that crosses my path. Testing your skills and limitations this way will help you understand yourself.

Earlier today, I came across the puzzle you’ll see next. It’s difficult, but after completing it, I felt a little boost of energy. That’s why I thought of sharing it with you!

A brain for difficult patterns

According to the website Shared, it’s said that the challenge is impossible to solve – except for people with OCD, or obsessive personality disorder for our friends in Europe. Having an obsessive personality grants you a unique ability to understand complex patterns – and that is a bit of a prerequisite when trying to solve the next puzzle.

So if you have OCD, this challenge will be a walk in the park for you.

Got a little curious to see if you can do it? Good!

I won’t reveal much about the puzzle itself, but check the picture below and see how it goes!

obsessive personality
Picture: The Laugh Bible

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