It is better to sleep for an extra hour than getting up to exercise in the morning, according to science

Getting up at 5:00 a.m. to work out sounds to most of us like the perfect utopia that we can never reach. After all, it’s not weird to stay in bed and rest a little bit more instead of forcing yourself to get up and exercise.

However, it’s easy to feel bad when you hear how all your colleagues and friends have been going every day to spinning, yoga or some other activity. Nevertheless, according to a new study, you can now hit that snooze button with confidence, since it turns out it’s better to sleep, reports the Thrillist.

Exercising in the morning is something that most people think of as vital for a healthy life, especially all the early birds that rarely shy away from explaining how great they feel and how much happier they have become since they started getting up at 5:30 in the morning to go to the gym.

Well, according to most studies, it is better to exercise in the evening.

Examined 70 different studies

After carefully going through 70 different studies comparing morning workouts and evening workouts, researchers found that the time of day doesn’t play a big role in the workout. If you are trying to decide on a time to exercise, the afternoon is the better choice.

If you exercise early in the morning, you run the risk of suffering insomnia, which has opposite effects compared to exercise.

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Reduces combustion

Waking up every day with too little sleep can affect both coordination and endurance, which significantly increases the risk of injury. Besides, sleeping too little affects the hormones in our body, which means fewer calories burned.

The most important thing about exercise, however, is that it makes you healthier, no matter when it happens, as long as it does. A detail worth noting is that it is good to exercise at the same time every day so the body gets used to it and can prepare accordingly.

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