The challenge only a few people can handle: How many squares do you see in this picture?

Brainteasers are always good for you, at least in my opinion. It doesn’t matter if the brain is a bit tired after a long day of work. With puzzles, you exercise your mind in a completely different way.

Whether it’s crosswords, sudoku or any other puzzle, it will help your mind heal and become clearer.

In addition, it is always fun to overcome a challenge, and it helps to feed your competition instinct!

The puzzle below has been making rounds online lately – do you think you can handle it?

I never refuse a good challenge! My friends and I usually meet and share around this type of challenges with each other to see who can handle them and who runs with their tail between their legs until the next puzzle appears.

Has fooled many

It doesn’t have to be super-hard, but you have to think carefully about it and focus all your senses, it’s so fun!

This particular puzzle has been going around the net lately and has fooled many.

How many squares do you see?

Here is the image, try to find as many as you can. Below the picture, you can check the answer.

How many squares

How many did you see? Remember to look carefully, take one last look before moving on to check the answer.

Here you can see the solution.


The correct answer is 16 squares.

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