The next Riddle confuses most people – can you solve it?

Summer is finally here, and with it comes a much-needed break. There are many possibilities, the beach, a short trip, hiking, etc. The point is to let loose, relax, and recharge as much as we can. It is the best time of the year for our bodies to absorb vitamin D from the sun and be at their peak condition.

However, the brain can get a bit lazy with all the wind-down. So in order to keep it alert and sharp—we need brainteasers.

Solving a few daily challenges are all we need to keep our minds in shape through the summer!

There is a massive amount of puzzles online. It doesn’t really matter what type of puzzle you prefer, as long as you get a proper mental workout.

With that said, the brainteaser below has been getting a lot of attention online, and I get why. It is a fascinating challenge!

This riddle confuses people

Here comes today’s challenge! Now, it is vital to concentrate if you want to solve it. But if you take your time and focus, I know you can do this.

Most people get it wrong at first, which is easy to understand after seeing the solution. In other words, it’s not that simple.

It is crucial that you think outside the box before trying your hand at this mystery.

What’s the son’s name?

Well, time to see if you can handle this confusing riddle!

Image source: The Laugh Club/Newsner

Someone’s mother has four sons:
– North
– West
– South
What is the name of the fourth son?

Yes, think about it now—then we will present the answer below.

Time to reveal the answer

Many of you may have thought that his name would be East because the other three sons all had the names of the cardinal directions, but that’s normal as this puzzle confuses most people. The answer was revealed already in the first sentence.

Below the next picture, we will reveal the answer.


The correct answer is that the fourth son is called Someone.

“Someone’s mother…” Now I think everyone gets it!

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