This conundrum has people confused – do you know the correct answer?

Fall is almost here. You can feel that calm autumn breeze that brings a more relaxing and cozy feeling to our lives. The leaves start turning red and yellow, fall from the trees, and the evenings get colder and darker – it is simply not as easy to keep an energetic mindset as during the summer.

The brain, due to the lack of vitamin D and the cold weather, gets a bit lazier. Therefore, you need to keep it sharp and fresh by making sure it gets a regular workout. And what better way to do that than solving a few brainteasers every now and then?

A puzzle, or conundrum, will definitely get those brain cells moving!

These challenges come in many shapes and forms. It doesn’t matter what type you choose to solve, the important part is that you forget about your chores and other responsibilities, and focus on the puzzle in front of you.

Time for a conundrum

Therefore, today I’ve brought you a riddle that has been getting quite popular online. Most people seem to answer incorrectly at first – but after seeing the answer, it is easy to understand why. 

It is vital that you carefully think before deciding on your final answer.

What is the name of the son?

Well, time to see if you can handle this tricky puzzle!

solve this conundrum
Image source: Newsner

Someone’s mother has 4 sons:

– North
– South
– East

What is the name of the fourth son?

Yes, think about it now – then check the answer below the next picture.

Image source: Pixabay

Here is the answer

Many of you may have thought that he would be called West because the other three sons had names referencing cardinal directions, but that wasn’t the case. The answer to this conundrum is in the first word.

The correct answer is that the fourth son is called Someone.

“Someone’s mother…” Now I think everyone will understand!

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