Today’s Challenge: Can you figure out this tricky problem?

Today, in newspapers and television, everyone keeps talking about how important it is to keep our bodies healthy with exercise, a good diet, etc. However, something that rarely gets mentioned is that the same applies to our most important “muscle,” namely the brain.

For some reason, mental health ends up at the back of the entertainment industry. For a society that revolves around working hard, where money is everything, you would think that therapy and mental healing would be a big priority. But that is not the case, in some places, those words are even considered taboo.

Of course, we use our heads all the time, even while we sleep. However, these chores and responsibilities are more draining than challenging, leaving us tired and stressed at the end of the day.

Worry not. Here is your chance to have a clearer mind and soul, by solving a few brainteasers.

When we hear the word brainteasers, most of us probably think of crossword puzzles or sudoku because they are easy to find in the morning newspaper.

Not many can handle the next challenge

Thanks to the internet, however, there are millions of new and exciting puzzles accessible through just a few clicks. Ready to give your head a nice workout.

The next challenge has been going around the internet for a while, perhaps because it is quite difficult. You must bring your A-game if you want to have a chance at solving this tricky problem.

Can you solve this tricky problem?

Below is today’s challenge. In the picture, we can see a math equation made with wooden sticks. But the current arrangement leaves us with an incorrect equation, as you can see.

The challenge then is to move a single stick to make it a correct equation instead.

Here is the picture.

solve this tricky problem

Can you handle it? Take a close look at each number and think about it. The answer should probably come to you.

If you don’t get it, the answer will be after the picture below.

brain exercise

Here is the solution

Was the challenge too difficult? If so, here is the answer.

There it is! You simply move a stick from the plus sign to the five. That way, five becomes nine, and now there is a minus sign between the numbers. Therefore, a correct equation!

Congratulations to you for solving this tricky problem!

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