Today’s Challenge: Can you see which woman is in danger?

Back in school, most of our time was spent engaging in exercises to nurture our brains. Today that is no longer the case, especially since we do not have a lot of free time anymore. In addition, technology takes care of most of the thinking for us.

Today, the mind is filled to the brim with chores and responsibilities. Shopping, picking up the kids from school, cooking, cleaning, and the list goes on.

Adult life can easily make the brain feel mushy at times. That’s why it’s good to sometimes take a break from it, and get the mind to do some good ‘ol brainteasing.

Usually, I can think a little clearer after solving a puzzle or two.

In addition, you get to bring out your competition instinct – because you won’t give up until you have come up with an answer, right?

Who is in immediate danger?

In the puzzle below, it seems like we have an everyday situation.

There are three women inside a gym. All of them are in the middle of their workout, and everything seems to be going well.

But one of these women is actually in immediate danger. Can you use your critical thinking to figure out which one?

Here comes the picture.

which woman is in danger?

Is the woman in danger the number 1, 2, or 3?

Take a good look at all the women and think a little.

The correct answer will be below.

Here is the correct answer

Okay, have you come up with an answer? Remember that there is no urgency, but take another look at the picture just in case, before you decide.

Below the next picture, we reveal the correct answer.

Image source: Pexels

Time’s up! Let’s reveal the answer.

It’s the woman on the right, number three!

Why would she have an accident?

Well, if we look closer, she is blowing a bubble with her chewing gum, which can pop and suffocate her if it goes in the wrong place while she is running. Quite a dangerous situation.

Did you solve it on your own? Congratulations to you in that case!

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