Today’s Challenge: Find all the ducks in this image

Every day we have our minds filled with all kinds of responsibilities, like our jobs, children, partners, friends, homes, etc. They all require a lot of attention from us, which leaves us drained at the end of the day.

To solve this, it can be good to give the brain a light workout every now and then. That way, you’ll have a quick recharge and feel more alert throughout the rest of the day.

But what qualifies as a light workout for the brain? Well, there are many ways to get there, but one of my favorites is brainteasers. They are great for the mind, just like a light jog is for the rest of the body.

Nowadays, when you hear about puzzles, the ones that come to mind first are crosswords and sudoku. That’s normal since we see them often in most newspapers and magazines. But the fact is that today there are millions of new challenges online.

Bring out your A-game

These online puzzles come in all shapes and forms. But one of them seems to have gotten quite popular lately. We are talking about visual illusions. For these, the goal is to find a certain number of objects, shapes, or animals that are purposely hidden within an image.

The test we have for you today is one of these so-called visual illusions. To solve it, it is important to bring out your A-game.

How many ducks can you find?

Here is today’s challenge. Below we can see a picture of a bunch of ducks. But how many ducks are there really in the image?

Time to see if you can figure it out. Are you ready?

Here comes the picture.

find all the ducks
Image source: Twitter

How many can you see? Take a good look and check if your answer is correct after the picture below.


Here is the solution

At first glance, you may see only nine ducks, but the fact is that there are 16 of them hidden inside the picture.

Here comes the solution if you did not manage to find all the ducks.

There they are! Some are double, and the one at the bottom left even has three of them.

Did you find them all? Congratulations to you in that case!

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