Today’s challenge: Find the hidden cat in this picture

Challenging yourself and your senses is not only fun but also a healthy habit for the brain.

Testing your skills and limitations will let you learn more about yourself – so you can find out which parts need to be improved.

I always found it stimulating to test myself with different riddles and puzzles.

Here at The Laugh Club, we have previously written about puzzles similar to the one you’ll find below – where it is vital to have a good eye for detail.

A creative challenge

One of our most popular puzzles requires you to find a little doggy inside a seemingly ordinary park picture.

The said challenge became an optical illusion by accident. The image will fool your eyes if you don’t pay proper attention when you first see it, making it a fascinating piece of photography.

Now I think I’ve found something quite similar. So go ahead and take a good look. If you want to solve this challenge, your senses need to be sharp and polished.

Can you see the hidden cat?

In the picture below, you’ll see a backyard. Among other things, there are trash bins and other plastic containers.

However, somewhere inside the picture, there is a hidden cat. Your task is to find it.

Are you ready? Here comes the picture.

find the hidden cat
Image source: Youtube

Did you see it? It’s definitely not easy.

If you need a small clue, we’ll reveal that the hidden cat did not have to climb much to get to where it currently is.

If you still haven’t found this elusive kitty, worry not. We’ll reveal the answer after the picture below.

brain teasers

Here is where the cat is hiding

Okay, then it’s time to reveal the answer. Look at the image below. It will show where the cat is hiding.

Here is the answer.

Image source: Youtube

There it is! A cute little kitty!

Here you can see a clip with the explanation!

Hard to see, right? But now that you know where it is, it almost feels obvious!

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