Today's Challenge: Which woman is the mother of this child?

Today’s Challenge: Which woman is the mother of this child?

Brainteasers were something you could do for several hours back when you were a little boy and went to school.

No matter which subject it was, you did your best to overcome any challenge that crossed your path. And because of that, your brain became sharper. Back then it was easier to concentrate and absorb new information.

As an adult, you do not get these kinds of chances anymore, which in a way is a shame. At the same time, it’s probably pretty nice not to have to go to school anymore.

However, it is important to exercise the mind anyway.

There are several different ways to do it, and none is better or worse than the other, the important part is to expose the brain to a little problem-solving.

Plenty of challenges

Perhaps the most common types are crossword puzzles or sudoku, which usually come with the morning newspaper.

But if you look online, you will quickly find a plethora of fun – and tricky – challenges.

Like the one below, for example.

Which woman is the mother?

The next puzzle is nothing like the problems you solved back in school, but nonetheless, it is quite difficult.

Below, we can see a picture of two women sitting opposite each other. In the middle of them, a child is playing.

The challenge: figure out who the mother of the child is.

which woman is the mother?

Can you figure it out? It’s not easy, but there is one detail that reveals the correct answer.

If you can’t come up with it, you’ll find the results after the picture below.

Image source: Pexels

This is the mother of the child

Okay, do you have an answer ready?

Below you can check if you went with the correct one.

The correct answer is the woman on the right.

Why is the woman on the right the mother? Well, because children, by instinct, regardless of what they are doing, tend to face in the direction of their mother.

Did you guess which woman is the mother? Congratulations to you in that case!

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