Today’s challenge: Which woman wants to start a fight?

One of the most common ways of communication is speech. Talking is just the most natural way to convey a message face to face. But it is a fact that we have other ways to communicate as well. One that often happens subconsciously is body language.

Our body language says a lot about what we feel and think. Being able to read others’ body language can be a very beneficial skill, whether we are at work, at the store, or on the bus.

Is the person interested in the conversation? Do they think you are lying? Or is it them who are actually lying?

Being able to understand what a person is thinking or not saying comes in handy in most situations.

With that in mind, here is a small test to see how well you can read other people’s body language.

Who wants to fight?

Take a look at the image below. It shows three women in different positions. But one of them is getting ready to start a fight.

Can you see which of the women is about to start some trouble? Here is the picture.


Take a close look and see if you can see which of the women seems angry. Below we present the answer.

Here is the quarrel

Did you manage to find the woman? If not, we’ll tell you after the picture below.

she wants to fight

What gives her up? You can see that she is angry because she is crossing her arms and clenching her fists. She is getting ready to rumble.

Also, notice she is also biting her lip. It is time for those around this woman to get ready to defend themselves!

Not an easy challenge, but once you see it, it feels obvious!

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