Today’s test: Very few people can solve this sneaky riddle

Most people agree that regularly going for a run, a bike ride, or a long walk is vital to keep the body healthy. You feel more alert and lighter after a little exercise.

But what many people forget is that our brains also need a workout from time to time, to clear up all the stress from work and adult life in general.

Of course, we use the head all the time, even while we sleep. But sometimes you need to put everything aside and let the brain “stretch” a little with a few good ‘ol brainteasers, so you can get those brain cells moving.

After a good round of brain-teasing, you’ll often feel that you can think a little clearer and have an easier time concentrating on important things.

There are plenty of brainteasers, as long as you know where to look. If you are content with the ones in the back of the morning newspaper, you’ll have to make do with crossword puzzles or sudoku.

But if you look online, several new challenges are waiting for you, one trickier than the other.

A sneaky riddle

Something that has become very popular lately, is classic riddles.

Riddles were perhaps one of the biggest ways of entertainment when we were kids, the mix of curiosity and challenge could keep any children occupied and engaged for hours.

It is important to think a little outside the box to figure out the solutions to the different mysteries.

The riddle below is no exception.

How is that possible?

Here comes today’s sneaky riddle, in the picture below.

Sneaky riddle

“Joseph turned 15 years old in 1990. But in 1995 he was 10. How is that possible?”

Apparently, this exercise is anything but simple. Can you get to the bottom of it?

Try to think outside the box and you should have no problem solving the mystery. If you can’t find the answer, you can see it after the picture below.

Mind exercise

Here is the answer to the mystery

If you did not succeed, here it is.

Answer: Joseph was born in B.C. (Before Christ). That is 2005 years before the birth of Jesus. This means that in 1995 B.C. he was 10, and in 1990 B.C. he was 15 years old.

Far from simple, very important to think outside the box for this one!

Did you solve this mystery on your own? Congratulations then!

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