21 secrets all men have – but never tell their girlfriends

21 secrets all men have – but never tell their girlfriends

Being honest with each other is probably the most important thing for a relationship to work in the long run. One must, of course, be fully open with their feelings, needs, and opinions.

Otherwise, it’s difficult to build proper trust!

At the same time, everyone must have their little secrets. It doesn’t have to be about serious things, but keeping some things to yourself is important for most people.

Your partner doesn’t need to know absolutely everything about you.

Of course, all of this can vary from person to person – but I think most of us have secrets that no one else knows about; not even your partner.

Therefore, to bring some of these into the light, we have listed 21 secrets that almost all men have – but would never tell their girlfriends. It’s too risky. Recently we did a similar “guide” about women’s hidden secrets – and our readers greatly appreciated it.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. This kind of thing varies a lot from person to person, but you know that. I think there is a great number of factors in this list – that can be true! Or what do you think?

Here are the 21 secrets!

1. We check other women out. Yes, you probably knew that already – but this doesn’t mean we love you less. However, it’s in our DNA and it’s impossible to avoid. But if are being honest – this probably happens to most girls too!

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2. Before it became serious between us, We looked you up. We know when you joined the volley team, how long you’ve been single and even who your neighbors are. We won’t admit it, but we already know almost everything you tell us about your life.

Love your girl nights

3. We still watch porn. Whether you like it or not, but when you are away for a weekend, it’s time to catch up with the latest videos. We dream with the day that our partner asks if we can watch – together.

4. We love it when you are off on a girl’s night. Yes, because then we can play video games, check out sports, fart loudly and eat all the chips and sweets we want. Furthermore, we don’t have to worry about washing, cleaning, or planning.

5. The hair in the drain gets annoying. However, we put up with it – if we are being honest; we are not that clean either.

6. We like to talk about “big and important things”. It may seem like we avoid topics like marriage and children, but we are saving it for the right time. We have been thinking about it since we met – even if the stereotype dictates we never want to take the next step.

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7. We notice when you check out other men. But it’s okay – we do the same thing. A small pinch of jealousy, then we move on.

8. We don’t like when you wear bright and shiny lipstick when we are out. If we get a kiss, we forget and walk around for an hour with a large red kiss mark on us.

We’re not always in the mood

9. We like compliments. A true gentleman allows a woman to feel appreciated, but to hear her compliment us, or talk about how well we fit in a suit – makes us feel wanted and appreciated.

10. We were nervous the first time we had sex. Of course, you don’t want to seem inexperienced by performing poorly or finishing too early. Funny that those same nerves usually help you last longer the first time.

11. Sometimes we are – as a matter of fact – not in the mood. Believe it or not, but watching a movie instead it‘s enough some evenings and sex is not always a must. It can come as a shock, but it happens.

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12. We have thoughts of other girls during sex. Yes, sometimes, your good-looking buddy, the girl that works at your bank, your sexy colleague or even a porn star – and then it’s hard not to close our eyes to fantasize for a second.

13. We get tired of washing more dishes. Sure, it’s good to eat a salad before every dinner, but then we have to wash more dishes – and that’s not worth it.

14. It grinds our gears when “unnecessary spending”, as we see it, is taken from our joint economy. There is no need for 68 plants on the balcony or 13 candlesticks in the living room – but if we must absolutely have it, then you should pay for the thing yourself.

15. We talk about you with our friends. Sure, we love and need you, but sometimes we have to decompress. Just like you do with your girlfriends! So here we are exactly the same – although no one is gonna admit it.

16. We lie when you ask us how you look in that “dress”. We would never dare to answer something negative and honestly, we have no idea of how it should even look. You’re good looking and that’s enough for us.

You are so damn important

17. We have anxiety about celebrations. When we have to buy presents it becomes a panic fiesta. We know that you are the master of analyzing and interpreting things. And always come up with great presents, but for us, it becomes incredibly complicated.

18. We lie when you ask how many girls we have had sex with. The number is probably a lot lower than what we tell you.

19. We wonder how it is possible to get as cold as you do and are tired of warming those icy feet every time you come and lie down in bed.

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20. Having lunch with your friends is a pain. Food is good, but being social and having to talk about things that do not interest us is terrible.

21. You are so damn important, amazing and wonderful! We often think of it, but rarely say so. Maybe to seem cheeky, but want you to know it anyway.

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